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    We are the most experienced tree care company in Elmira, PA. Our authorised arborists are at the highest of their field, equipped with leading edge information, a superb record in safety, and a history of excellence in skilled tree care service within the Elmira area. We’re enthusiastic about serving our community and caring for one in every of its most vital natural resources, the trees and shrubs that add beauty to our landscapes and improve our surroundings. We do everything from emergency tree service, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree transplanting and wood chipping. You name it and we can do it!

    Elmira Tree Service Specializes in Tree Cutting and Trimming, Stump Removal, Emergency Services and More!

    We serve residents in the Elmira and surrounding areas and take pride in our work. We work hard to provide the best tree care services at an affordable rate. You can rely on us to be on time and complete the job right the first time. We want to exceed your expectations and we respect your property as our own.

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    When disaster strikes, don’t wait! Call us right away to take care of your tree emergency before it gets worse. Broken limbs and damaged trees can be unpredictable and dangerous. As soon as you see a tree that is threatening to destroy your property, cause injury, or damage a utility line, give us a call! Our friendly and attentive dispatchers are on call to get a crew to you as fast as possible. In an emergency, we’re the local tree service you can count on to keep you safe.

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    The most important thing you can do for the health of your trees is to keep them properly pruned. Pruning supports the health of the overall tree by keeping it well balanced, maintaining optimal light filtering and air flow, and preventing pests or diseases from spreading when an infestation does occur. Our certified arborists are experts in tree disease diagnosis and pest management, with extensive knowledge in the specific types of insects and diseases that are prevalent in the local area. Our ongoing tree trimming and pruning service is convenient, effective, simple to schedule, and easy on the budget. Call us today for a free quote! 

    “My trees and shrubs look better than ever! I hired Twin Tier Tree Service to cut and prune some trees and shrubs and it was such a simple process and it saved me so much time. They look way better than if I would have done them".  Cheryl R.

    When unfortunate tree damage does occur, getting rid of the tree trunk, branches, stump and roots is a challenge. Without the right tools and expertise, it can be incredibly difficult and dangerous to clear tree debris, and impossible to remove stubborn stumps and roots. Our tree debris team has the right stuff to get the job done in no time. Our tree care professionals will use their knowledge of notching and felling trees to safely bring the damaged tree down. Fallen trees can be split into firewood, which we can easily do with our heavy duty chainsaws. We also offer wood chipping services on site, so you can reuse this valuable resource on your property. Wood chips are great for mulch, compost, creating or covering paths, controlling weed growth, and more. Stumps and roots will be removed down to 10 inches below ground level, which will prepare the area for reuse, new tree planting, or repairing broken curbs and sidewalks. We’re happy to help with assessment, acquiring permits and recommending repair services for your site. 

    If we determine that a stump can’t be removed, we also offer quality stump grinding services to remove the obstruction and safety hazard of a broken tree stump on your property. Rotting stumps can invite unwanted pests like termites and mosquitoes, and can be dangerous for children at play, people enjoying a walk, or lawn mower blades. They’re unsightly and can lower property values. Your stubborn tree stumps don’t have to go untreated! Schedule a consultation today, and let us show you how quick, easy and affordable our stump grinding services can be. 

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    There are a few specific types of diseases, insects and fungi that commonly affect the types of trees in our local area. Our expert arborists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to diagnose your tree’s condition, recommend a course of action and treat your trees to restore their health. Count on our tree disease service to save your trees from damage and deterioration, to preserve your landscape and to keep your other trees healthy. We love trees, and we’re passionate about keeping as many trees growing strong as we possibly can. 

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    "Amazing work! When I had a tree fall on my roof I was worried removing it would cause more damage, but these guys did such a great job. I'd highly recommend there services. Plus, they're very friendly and easy to work with” Marry C.

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    Do you need tree care services for a business, retail plaza, apartment complex, home construction or real estate? Our commercial tree planting services are you for you! We offer expert advice and consultations to help you pick the perfect trees for your landscape, based on size, species, aesthetics and ease of care. Our tree pros can create a landscape design specifically for your site, and plant your trees quickly, efficiently and affordably. We’ll treat your property with respect and leave it looking better than you ever imagined. Once your new trees are in the ground, keep them healthy and growing strong with our ongoing tree care services. Depending on your preference and what’s best for your landscape, you may want sprouts, or slightly older saplings. Trees require different kinds of care at different stages of their life.  New trees must be watered every day for the first two weeks, and once a week for the first year, with consideration for rainfall. Mulching and fertilizing with the right types and amounts of material is important during the beginning of a tree’s life. Minimal trimming of defective branches at the time of planting is important for the tree’s future health, but trimming and pruning during very early stages of the tree’s life is not recommended. Our arborists know when and how to properly care for your tree at every stage of its life. Call for a free quote and to hear how we can add the beauty and benefits of trees to your property!


    Want to preserve your beloved tree, but it’s in the way of your dream sunroom, new garage, garden beds, Airbnb or in-law suite? We can help! We do professional tree transplanting. Our experts will determine whether your favorite tree can be relocated somewhere else on your lot, so you can have it all. It’s important to know that uprooting an older tree is difficult, and can cause transplant shock, so proper care after moving the tree is essential. We’re tree lovers, so we will work hard to save every tree that we possibly can, and we know how to care for your tree to give it the best chance of survival. Call us to discuss how we can help you enjoy your favorite tree for years to come. 

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    Before starting new construction, you may need to clear your lot of brush, tree debris, damaged trees that have not been cared for, or large trees that are in the way of your building plans. Our crews are well equipped with heavy duty tools that make land clearing a breeze. The specialized chainsaws, pruning saws, pruners, and pro landscaping tools that we use for tree and branch cutting make easy work of the unwanted brush and debris on your lot. Other landscaping contractors are likely not equipped to properly fell and remove trees that may be causing obstructions on your land, but we can do it all! Call today for a free quote. 

    "I had a bunch of dying trees beside my house that were about 50 feet tall and looking like they were about to fall on the roof of my house. I was worried they would have damaged my house if I tried cutting them myself, so I called these guys. They did such an incredible job directing the fall and cutting things down so it didn't even get close to my house. So glad I called these guys. After having a knee surgery I might have hurt myself or damaged my house attempting this. Give these guys a call to make your life easier. It's totally worth it!" Randy B.

    At Twin Tier Tree Service we not only strive to give you the best quality tree care services, but the best customer service for Elmira Tree Service. You can expect the upmost professional service with a smile from us. Whatever problem you have just let us know and we will be happy to fix it for you. We look forward to making your lives easier and your property look outstanding! Please give us a call to schedule a time for us to come out at 607-281-6114. You can also fill out the contact form with some basic info and you'll receive your instant quote. We will call you right away to setup something that works for you.